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GreenRoad’s new Video Health Report is a powerful tool that provides visibility on all cameras installed and configured within your GreenRoad system.

Per each camera you will be able to see the following data:

In one vehicle you can have several cameras or a single camera with multiple channels, this depends on the device you purchased and is configurable.


The following is the typical deployment


  • Channel 1- ADAS road-facing camera

  • Channel 2 - DMS driver-facing camera

  • Channel 3 - any additional device (e.g. rear camera)


The report lets you know which cameras are functioning as expected, which are functioning partially, and which are not functioning as expected.

This short guide will get you familiar with how to use this report to proactively fix issues with faulty or tampered cameras.

How to use the report

To access the new report, go to central -> analysis -> video devices tab

This report will show a row per camera with data per each camera channel. The way we detect a faulty camera is by monitoring if there were any unsuccessful attempts to download videos from it. An attempt to download a video occurs every time we have a red safety event or every time an AI event is created by one of the cameras. This means that there may be a few days without any attempts and everything is good. Only when an attempt is made and fails we indicated a failed attempt.



Use case 1: camera is functioning as expected:

When all video channels are recording successfully, there will be no missing video records. If you see o missed records in all channels everything is good.

Use case 2: A specific channel on the video device does not seem to be functioning When a video channel is not recording successfully, the number of videos that it is missing will be displayed in the far-right column.

Use case 3: None of a video device’s channels are functioning as expected:

When none of the video channels are recording successfully, the number of videos missing will be displayed in the far-right column.

Use case 4: Video devices never functioned as expected:

When none of the channels have ever functioned as expected, it is likely that there is an installation or connectivity issue

What could be the cause of a missing video?

Several different issues could result in a camera not recording and/or transmitting its video clips.

  • Data limit: the camera’s SIM card has reached its data limit.

  • Tampering: the device has been disconnected from its power supply, or its cable has been disconnected.

  • Physical damage: the device has been physically damaged.

  • Connectivity issues: the device has been used in areas where there is no connectivity (e.g. the vehicle was driven in a tunnel without connectivity).


What should you do when you discover that a camera has issues with missing videos?

When you identify that one or more of your video devices has ongoing issues:

If you are using our Unisight cameras - please open a case with GreenRoad Support.


If you are using the newer Streamax cameras, follow the instructions provided in the Troubleshooting Guide in our Knowledge Center, that helps you validate that there is no hardware issue that you can easily handle.

Troubleshooting -> VideoSense Pro – Camera offline

(Link to troubleshooting)


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