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To-Do Lists

The To-Do list is designed to assist fleet managers in following up the alerts sent by the system regarding drivers behavior and vehicle status.


It automatically organizes the alerts you have received as to-do action lists, helping transform information into action.


Each row of the To-Do list displays a single alert notification, listing its type, time and date and the vehicle or driver that performed it. 

A click on a To-Do item displays the following


The location of the event that triggered the alert is displayed on a map, along with the driver’s name, the vehicle used and the organizational unit.

Each To-Do item (or batch of To-Do items) provides space for the manager to add comments, providing a virtual record of their coaching interactions with drivers.

The comment space can also be used to resolve To-Do items, either individually or as a batch

for a given driver.

todo inside.png


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