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Idling Tab




The Idling Tab provides tools for analyzing the idling trends of your drivers and vehicles. At a glance, you can identify who is performing well, who needs feedback, and which vehicles are the source of high idling rates.

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What is idling?

To determine if a vehicle is idling, GreenRoad considers its ignition status, which indicates whether the engine is on or off, and its GPS readings, which indicate whether or not it is moving.  To determine the ignition status, GreenRoad uses changes in vehicle voltage level, first measuring its reference value at rest, and then identifying the delta from this value over time to determine if the  engine is running.


A vehicle with its engine running that has had no movement for more than a certain number of minutes is considered to be idling.


Note: by default, the value for this number is set at 2. It can be changed using the Administration tab in Policy section.


The table displays each driver’s or vehicle's idling level and rate, and provides a breakdown of idling event information.


You can filter the results by clicking on the filtering options in the menu above the table. Data can also be sorted by clicking on the headlines of the table. The information presented can be configured by clicking on the edit option on the top right. You can also control the number of rows displayed (from 15-50).

Moving to Daily Idling Rate: 

Clicking on a vehicle or driver name will link you directly to more detailed information about them in other reports. The fourth option links to the daily idling rate tab opened for the selected vehicle or driver. You can also switch to the daily idling rate tab  on the upper right side of the screen.


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