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Trip Opening Conditions

Before opening a trip, the system checks to make sure that several preliminary conditions have been met. The conditions are not identical for GreenRoad EDGE™ and the GreenRoad DRIVE™ app.

For GreenRoad EDGE to open a trip, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • The vehicle's speed must be above 5 km/hr

  • (Please note that this condition is very technical) - the force applied to the vehicle on either the x or y axis is above 11 GreenRoad points*.

    *GreenRoad points are a measurement of the severity of each event. The transition between the actual G force applied on the vehicle and the GreenRoad points is dependent upon the type of vehicle.


  • In addition, if your fleet has installed the Dallas Key Driver ID solution, the driver must have keyed in properly, and the vehicle ignition status must have changed to "on". 


For the GreenRoad DRIVE app to open a trip, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • The vehicle must have moved more than 100 meters

  • The mobile device's battery must have above 11% charge, or be "plugged in" and charging 

  • The vehicle must be traveling at a speed above 10 km/h

  • If the beacon solution is used, the beacon is detected 


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