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Engagement -How to Achieve a High Rate of Adoption 

As the first step, management should identify which drivers are not yet using GreenRoad by using the Drivers Safety Summary Report.

* Under the Reports tab in GreenRoad Central, select the 'Drivers Safety Summary' report.

* Run it online, or use the "Schedule" option to have it emailed to you automatically every few days.​

* Look for the drivers with "gray" safety levels. These are the drivers that didn't use GreenRoad during the past week. To do so, sort the Driver Safety Summary report by Safety Level, with the gray drivers appearing on top.





















Alternatively, you can check the Dashboard 'Safety Level Distribution' widget. If you click on the number of gray drivers, you will be forwarded to the gray driver list. You can download the list from there using the download icon above the table. 

If you find that there are drivers who have not been using the system, coach them and encourage them to begin. 

If a gray driver is using the GreenRoad DRIVE™ app, it could be that they are actually using the system, but that their trips aren't "associating" properly. Therefore, before coaching them, it is worthwhile to use the 'Mobile Configuration Report' to make sure that their app is configured properly: 

* The duty status cannot be 'off duty'

* GPS, notifications and activity motion permissions must be granted

* Battery charge level must be above 11%.


If one of these parameters is not correct, this is the reason that the driver's trips are not being recorded and that s/he is now classified as a gray driver. 

If your company uses GreenRoad EDGE™ with RFID or Dallas keys for identifying drivers, it could be that the system has made a mistake in IDing someone. To investigate, print out the 'Unassociated Trips Log' report to provide a list of all vehicles, locations and times of trips that aren't associated with a driver.



Once you have made allowances for potential association errors, you will know who is actually not using the solution, and you can approach them to understand why.

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