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GreenRoad Drive™ - Duty Scheduler

If you have a regular weekly shift schedule, you can instruct GreenRoad DRIVE™ to shift automatically between On Duty and Personal modes at the right times.

To set up the schedule:

  • Go into On Duty mode and activate the On Duty Schedule button.

  • Enter your weekly shift schedule into the system, clicking on the relevant days and entering the times that the system should switch from Personal to On Duty and back again.


Once the On Duty Scheduler is enabled, GreenRoad DRIVE™ will automatically switch between On Duty and Personal modes at the times you have indicated.















You can also schedule-in vacations and off-work times to enable the app to switch automatically between Personal Mode and On Duty Mode.


Under Personal Mode, activate the Personal Schedule button, and then enter the timeframe for the off-work period on the calendar and clock. You can set more than one off-work period within each month. When you are finished, click on “Set Calendar.”


The timeframe can be deleted by selecting it and clicking on
Delete Duty”.



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