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VideoSense Pro

GreenRoad VideoSense™ Pro is an advanced video telematics platform that can be used to enhance the GreenRoad Safety Telematics solution.

Use of VideoSense™ Pro provides significant advantages:

  • Enables the system to identify additional safety events – such as fatigue, distraction, tailgating and others - that can only be recognized through the use of smart cameras. When VideoSense™ Pro identifies these states, it triggers real-time warnings in time to enable preventative intervention.

  • Creates video clips to document all safety events. This helps companies exonerate their drivers from false claims, and reduces the cost and time required to investigate events. It also clarifies the environmental conditions and driver states that contributed to each safety event, helping managers provide targeted training and enabling drivers to learn from their past behavior.


The GreenRoad VideoSense™ Pro Kit consists of:

  • Camera: a compact device installed on the vehicle windshield that houses two smart cameras:

  • A road-facing ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) camera that monitors the conditions in front of the vehicle to detect external road safety events:

A DMS (Driver Monitoring System) camera that faces the driver to monitor for risky driver behaviors, including:





  • R-watch: a small display installed on the dashboard that warns the driver about impending risky events. When a potentially risky situation is identified, R-watch displays an icon indicating the type of risk detected and a number indicating the distance (in meters) between the driver’s vehicle and the hazard (vehicles/pedestrians in front of the vehicle), and sounds an audible “beep”.

The icons that can be displayed on the R- watch include:

GreenRoad can also offer a partial video solution consisting of only an ADAS camera or only a DMS camera, based on customer needs.


Monitoring and Alerting:


GreenRoad’s VideoSense™ Pro cameras continuously monitor the driver and the road, every moment of the trip.


Using advanced AI – Artificial Intelligence - technology, the system analyzes camera footage in real time, looking for signs of driver drowsiness, distraction, dangerous situations on the road and other compliance issues (e.g. seatbelt usage, smoking, eating, etc.).


When VideoSense™ Pro identifies an event, it triggers alerts that help drivers prevent collisions before they occur. Video clips that document the event are sent to the cloud, and can be used later by fleet managers to investigate incidents and monitor driver behavior.





Video accessibility:


After a trip is finished, VideoSense™ Pro helps management understand exactly what led to any safety events.


Whenever an event occurs, VideoSense™ Pro creates a short video clip documenting the event, including footage during and after the event filmed from both the inside and outside of the vehicle.


A link to the video clip becomes part of the safety event’s permanent record  in GreenRoad Central™.


Companies can use these videos to protect against baseless claims, to focus their training programs and to understand the context for each driver’s Safety Score.


AI Video Event Widgets



GreenRoad’s Road Facing Events and Driver Facing Events widgets provides high-level statistics regarding its level of driver behavior, DMS and ADAS events.


Pie charts illustrate the breakdown of these AI events for any 7-day period, showing their absolute number and percentages for the fleet as a whole, for a particular OU or for a specific driver/vehicle.

*Currently, AI video events do not affect driver Safety Scores.


How to add the AI Video Widgets to your Dashboard

It is easy for a manager to add the AI Video Widgets to the Dashboard:

  1. Click on the Dashboard button

  2. Click on the “+” sign

  3. Select Widgets from the dropdown list

  4. Both AI Video widgets will now be added to the Dashboard

Using the widgets

These widgets make it easy to identify driver behaviors and road conditions that are likely to lead to future safety issues for the fleet or operating unit.


After identifying an AI category that requires investigation, a manager simply clicks on it in the widget to get a list of all the drivers and/or vehicles with at least one such Safety Event. Additional clicks enable further investigation of the performance record of each of those drivers and/or vehicles.

ADAS 7 Drowsiness.png


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