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VideoSense Pro

GreenRoad VideoSense™ Pro is an advanced video telematics platform that can be used to enhance the GreenRoad Safety Telematics solution.

It uses video cameras and *MDVRs installed in the vehicle to:

  • Identify additional types of safety events that cannot be recognized without the use of smart cameras (e.g. fatigue, distraction, tailgating, etc.). When VideoSense™ Pro identifies these states, it triggers real-time driver warnings in time to enable intervention.

  • Document the root cause of safety events. This helps your company protect you, and also reduces the cost and time required to investigate events. 

* MDVR – Mobile Digital Video Recorder

The GreenRoad VideoSense™ Pro Kit consists of: 

  • C6DAI ADAS* camera: a road camera installed on the windshield to monitor conditions in front of the vehicle and to detect external road safety events:

    • Moving between lanes without signaling​

    • Pedestrian crossing

    • Headway monitoring - tailgating 

    • Forward collision warning - getting too close to the vehicle in front 

  • DMS* camera: an internal cabin camera installed on the dashboard or vehicle pillar to monitor the state of the driver:

    • No driver​

    • No seatbelt

    • Smoking

    • Using phone

    • Distraction - looking to the sides and up or down

    • Eyes closing

    • Yawning 


  • R-watch: a small screen installed on the dashboard to communicate with the driver, displaying the icon of any detected event and the distance from vehicles/pedestrians ahead


  • A 3rd optional camera can be added to provide a wider view of the cabin or its side/rear area

*ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

*DMS- Driver Monitoring Systems

GreenRoad can also offer a partial video telematics solution consisting of only an ADAS camera or only a DMS camera, based on customer needs.

Monitoring and Alerting:

GreenRoad VideoSense™ Pro cameras continuously monitor the driver and the road, every moment of every trip.

Using advanced technology (AI – Artificial Intelligence), the system analyzes camera footage in real time, looking for signs of driver drowsiness, distraction, dangerous situations on the road and other issues.

When VideoSense™ Pro identifies a safety event, it triggers alerts that help drivers prevent collisions before they occur. Video clips that document the event are sent to the cloud to be used later for investigation.

Video accessibility:

After a trip is finished, VideoSense™ Pro makes it easier to understand exactly what led to any safety events.

Whenever an event occurs, VideoSense™ Pro creates short, accessible videos of the situation inside and around the vehicle before, during and after.

The link to the video clip becomes part of the record of the Safety Event in the Safety Tab in GreenRoad Central™.

Companies use these clips to protect against baseless claims, to focus training programs and to understand the context for each driver’s Safety Score.



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