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Reporting Tab




GreenRoad Central™ makes it easy to generate the exact reports you need to best manage your business.


The Reports Tab offers an extensive range of on-demand, customizable reports.  These reports complement the information provided on the standard management dashboard, enabling more detailed investigation into events, trips, drivers and vehicles.  All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF format, and can be scheduled for email delivery.

For quick and easy access, reports that you have saved or viewed recently are prominently displayed. On the lower part of the page, all available reports are categorized and displayed. 

To save, schedule or customize a report, click on its name:

Then select a range of dates, and specify a vehicle or driver, and press Go. The report will be opened below displaying the default column format.

To modify the columns displayed, press on the Edit option. The modified report can be later saved, by pressing on the Save option, which also adds it to the Saved Report for easy lookup. The report can be downloaded in PDF or Excel format using the Download option in the toolbar menu at the the top of the screen.

You can schedule the report to be sent directly to any email using the Schedule button:

You can define the report's name, the frequency with which it should be sent and the list of people to whom it should be sent.

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