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GreenRoad Central™ Introduction

GreenRoad Central™ is where you go to manage your GreenRoad system.  

You access it using your Internet browser. 

The portal is designed to help managers stay on top of fleet operations, helping them carry out their everyday tasks, providing insight about drivers, vehicles and routes, and drawing attention to risky developments. 

The exact metrics, KPIs, charts and alerts presented in GreenRoad Central can be fully customized to the needs of the organization. In addition, managers can set trigger thresholds for real-time alerting, and can schedule reports to be delivered to them automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

GreenRoad Central™ also provides important tools for individual drivers. By logging into their personal accounts, drivers can review their scores, rankings, trip histories and safety events. In addition, the system provides them with personalized tips based on their own driving habits.



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