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GreenRoad Central™ Menus Overview

The GreenRoad Central™ portal opens automatically to the main Dashboard.

Here you can get a quick-view analysis of the fleet's overall status, with one-click drill-down from any individual widget into supporting data. 




























The dashboard's main navigation panel is the dark blue column on the left side of the screen. It contains the following tabs:

  • Dashboards - Data about the individual drivers, vehicles or an organizational units.

    Note: You can u
    se the search bar in the menu on the left to search quickly for a part
    icular person or vehicle.
    Note: If you see a Vehicle Health tab displayed near the Dashboard tab, it means that your organization has also deployed the GreenRoad Vehicle Health solution. For an explanation about Vehicle Health, click here.

  • Safety - Tools for analyzing driver and vehicle safety

  • Locations - Current and historical locations of drivers and vehicles

  • Hotspots - Locations with significant number of safety and/or idling events

  • To-Do - List of open alerts

  • Idling - Idling statistics and trends for drivers and vehicles

  • Reporting - List of all available customizable reports

  • Admin - Tools for setting up your fleet and fleet policies, alerts and geofences


In addition, using the menu on the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can link to:

  • What's new - the latest features that have been added to the system 

  • Engage Portal - link directly to this Help Center site

  • Support - open a case with Support 

  • grt greenroad - name of the user logged in

  • Sign Out - log out of GreenRoad Central™



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