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GreenRoad Drive™ - Menu

When you launch the GreenRoad DRIVE™ app, it opens up automatically to the Dashboard tab if the vehicle is at rest, or to the Driving screen if the vehicle is in motion.

The app’s menu is displayed at the bottom of the screen:

  • Dashboard tab            - this is where you go to see your personal safety data (if you’re a driver) or fleet safety data (if you’re a manager)

  • Trip History           - click on this to view the details of all the trips you've completed during the past 7 days

  • ScoreBoard          - (available only for managers) click on this to list all OUs (organizational units) and drivers with their scores, the distance they traveled and the time they spent on the road 

  • Live Map         - (available only for managers) – view where your drivers are currently located

  • Notification Center         - view encouraging messages, tips and useful information that the system sends you

  • Settings Tab          - use this tab to set up your ID info and to configure the app so that it serves you best


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app live map icon.JPG
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