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Trips Tab

The Trips tab enables managers to oversee fleet performance over time and to make retroactive adjustments to the data.


The tab displays all the trips completed across an organizational unit and its sub-units (if selected) within a specific timeframe.

For each trip the table presents the following data:

  • Trip ID

  • Whether the trip is active or inactive. The characteristics that can cause a trip to be defined as inactive include:

    • Session too long - Trip duration was more than 12 hours

    • Session too short - Trip duration was less than 90 seconds (for GreenRoad Edge™) or 180 seconds (for GreenRoad DRIVE™)

    • Excessive rate of events - Trip contained more than 10 events per minute and 5 of them were harsh events (above 100 GreenRoad points)

    • Minor distance traveled 

    • Fleet terminated 

    • Private Trip - Driver state was set to private using GreenRoad DRIVE™

    • Passenger Trip - Driver state was set to passenger using GreenRoad DRIVE™

  • Driver ID

  • Vehicle ID

  • Organizational unit to which the vehicle belongs

  • Safety level

  • Trip's start and end times

  • Trip duration 

Managers can make the following changes retroactively:

  • Change in driver: can be changed to another driver or left empty

  • Split the trip into two trips, with another driver added or leaving the driver of the 2nd section of the trip blank

  • Change the status of a trip: from inactive to active, or active to inactive

The table can be sorted by clicking on the heading of the relevant column, or filtered using the options in the toolbar. You can filter the results based on the device type that recorded the trip: that is, GreenRoad  Connect™, GreenRoad DRIVE™ app, or GreenRoad Edge™. For drivers that use multiple devices, the same trip will appear several times, once for each device.


split trips.JPG


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