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A GreenRoad RFID tag is a small electronic device that your drivers wear or carry to automatically identify themselves to the GreenRoad system whenever they enter one of your vehicles. The device is embedded with the driver’s personal ID code, and communicates the ID automatically to the vehicle’s RFID reader via a radio frequency signal.






The reader continuously scans within its reception range (2.5 meters), “looking” for RFID tags that are transmitting to it. Once the reader detects that a driver is present, GreenRoad automatically associates that driver with the current trip.

Association Rules:

- The RFID reader scans for tags every 20 seconds. The data is analyzed every 3 minutes to determine the identity of the driver.


- A driver is considered to be present at any point of time in which their tag has been identified at least 5 times out of the last 9 readings carried out during the 3 minute cycle.

- The driver is associated with a trip if, at any point in time, s/he is the only driver present.

- Once a driver becomes associated with a trip, s/he remains associated with the trip as long as s/he is present, regardless of the presence of any other drivers.

- A driver is considered not present if his/her tag has not been read within the last 3 minutes. At that point, the existing trip is ended and a new, unassociated trip is started.

Driver Feedback:

The system communicates with the driver using the GreenRoad Edge™ LED panel.
Its messages are as follows:

Searching: this is an initial notification sent to the driver to indicate that the system is working. It is provided only when a trip starts, and appears as a blinking green LED light.

Notifications: after 3 minutes, when the readings collected have been analyzed, one of the following  notifications will be provided:

- ID reminder alert - all 3 LEDs blink together accompanied by a beep

- Single driver identified - LEDs blink from left to right in sequence, accompanied by a long beep

- Multiple drivers identified: green and yellow LEDs blink, accompanied by a beep

List of RFID assignments:

The list of all Dallas Key assignments can be viewed in GreenRoad Central™ under Admin-->Keys



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