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How do I open a support ticket?


If you have an issue that could not be resolved using GreenRoad's general troubleshooting procedures, the next step is to open a ticket for the Support Team.

Click on ‘Support’ in the menu on the upper right-hand corner of GreenRoad Central™ and select 'Customer portal'.


If you are a manager with the correct access permissions, the Cases home page will appear with a list of pending and resolved cases:


Tip: using the View tab, you can filter the list to display only pending or only resolved cases.


To open a new case, click on the 'Create New Case' link on the top of the table. Select the case type, and then Continue.


The new case form will appear:




















Fill out the fields with information detailing your issue. The fields marked with a red tab are required.

Enter as many details as possible in the Subject and Detail fields to help the Support team determine how to best fix the issue.

In the Contact Information fields, enter information regarding the person that the Support team should contact if a service call needs to be scheduled.


Click the Submit button to submit your case, or Submit and Add Attachment, if you want to add a file to the submission.


After your case has been submitted, the system will refresh to display a list of Help topics related to your case. You will receive an email from GreenRoad Support to confirm receipt of your ticket. 

Note: When a single issue impacts multiple vehicles, please open a separate case for each vehicle.


When a case is resolved, the Support team will send notice to the user who submitted the issue.


You can also use this form to analyze cases and to check reports.












Alternatively, you can open a case via the GreenRoad DRIVE™ application under the 'Settings' tab. Click on Support option to open the following form:

Note: this option is available for managers only.



This will open a new case for Support. The user will receive a validation email and updates as the support team progresses.

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