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Installation of GreenRoad Edge™

GreenRoad Edge™ is the traditional hardware version of the GreenRoad™ safety solution.


The solution consists of a series of components that are permanently installed in the vehicle with most of the components fitted behind panels to prevent accidental damage or tampering.


 Correct mounting and location of the Edge™ device are critical for proper system performance.  Where the a customer opts for self installation and rectification, comprehensive training is provided by the GreenRoad™ team .  If you require further details of this option, please contact your GreenRoad™ account manager.


In general, the GreenRoad Edge™ device must be mounted securely to a solid structure such as a steel bracket or solid frame.


Unlike some systems, the Edge™ device itself can be mounted in any orientation provided it is secured and permit the cables to be connected directly.  There should be no sharp bends in the cable routing within 60cm of the Edge™ device.

Placement of the Antenna, LED Display and Accelerometer:















The correct mounting location and detailed fitting instructions for the antenna, LED display and accelerometer will be specified in the GRID (GreenRoad Installation Document) for each specific make & model of vehicle.  These documents will be provided in conjunction with the installation training that GreenRoad™ will provide to our self service customers. 

Edge™ Power Connections:


The GreenRoad Edge™ device requires a positive (Batt +) feed and a negative (Batt -) return to operate correctly.  Details of the connection points and approved connection methods are provided in the GRID.


Note: Always test power and ground circuits using a multi-meter to verify voltage and continuity


Post Installation Test:


Following the installation of the system, the device has a Built In Test (BIT) feature to verify that the installation has been successful.  The test verifies the following configurations using the LED unit as the interface


         Calibration of the device – Green LED turns solid

         GPS Signal – Yellow LED turns solid

         GPRS Red LED turns solid


During this process, the Driver Identification method must be tested to ensure it is operational (Dallas key or RFID tag)


Once installed, the Edge unit must be electronically associated to the vehicle.  This process requires the installer to access the dedicated software provided by GreenRoad™ for this task.  In addition to electronically linking the Edge™ device to the vehicle, the software provides the facility to verify the GPS, GPRS and Driver Identification is functioning correctly.  It also provides the facility to upload photographs of the vehicle and the installation for audit purposes.


Full details of the installation and commissioning process are provided by GreenRoad™ during the training sessions and the accompanying GRID’s.

Should you have any questions related to the installation, please contact your GreenRoad™ account manager.

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