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GreenRoad Drive™ - ScoreBoard

The GreenRoad DRIVE™ ScoreBoard is available for managers only. It displays a list of the drivers/vehicles in the manager’s organizational unit, sorted by:

  • Safety score (default option)

  • Name

  • Hours of driving 

  • Distance driven 


The name of the organizational unit is displayed on the top of the list, followed by its drivers sorted according to the options selected. When sorted by Safety Score or Name, the display lists drivers' names, safety scores and safety level (indicated by a small green, yellow or red line placed below the score). 


A click on the organizational unit drills you down to sub-units. A click on a specific driver takes you to his /her Dashboard and Trip History.

You can also search manually for a specific driver using the search option by clicking on the “magnifying glass” icon on the top of the list and entering the driver’s name.  A click on the arrow icon re-sorts the list in the opposite direction (e.g. from low to high rather than from high to low).



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