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GreenRoad Drive™ - Dashboard

The GreenRoad DRIVE™ dashboard displays a summary of your safety for the past 7 days. For managers, the summary covers the entire organizational unit, while for drivers, the summary covers only their personal performance. For users that are both managers and drivers, either view can be presented.

At the top of the screen, you can view your current Safety Score and ranking as compared with the other drivers in your organizational unit.


Under the Safety Score and Ranking, you can see all the safety events that have been performed during the past 7 days, distributed by category. The line under the number indicates whether you are a Green, Yellow or Red driver for that category.

Immediately following the Safety Events section at the bottom of the Dashboard, you will find a section called "Compliance Events." This section is dedicated to tracking events that do not contribute to the calculation of the Safety Score but are of utmost importance in ensuring driver safety. The events monitored in this section include:
- Distracted Events – this tracks how often the device was found unsecured while driving. An improperly secured device can easily become a distraction. GreenRoad DRIVE™ records the total duration of device movement detected during each trip and presents it as a percentage of the total driving time.
-Continuous Driving Time Events – This represents the number of instances where the driver has exceeded the company's 'Continuous Driving Time' policy, surpassing the driving time limit set by management.


  • Idling Rate is presented only for those who use GreenRoad Edge™  

  • Distracted Driving shows how often your device was unsecured while driving. A device that is not secured properly can easily become a distraction. Note: GreenRoad DRIVE™ considers any movement of the phone to be Distracted Driving.






For the driver, the dashboard displays the current Safety Score and ranking, along with all trips completed during the last 7 days. 

To see statistics from previous weeks, click on the arrows to the left and right of the date range.














You can also start a trip manually from the Dashboard by clicking on the “Dashboard” button at the top of the screen, and then on “Start Trip”.



You will then see the Driving Screen.

Drive Screen (Compliance Events).png


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