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GreenRoad Drive™ - Notification Center

GreenRoad Drive™’s Notification Center is the place to find daily recaps, alerts, and insights that will help you become a better driver and make the best use of the system. Access it via the          icon displayed at the bottom of the screen. 


  • Misconfiguration alerts: device setting issues that prevent
    the app from functioning properly. A tap on the message

      takes you to a screen where you can correct the setting.

  • Insights: Once a week, you will be sent BI Safety Trend notifications 
    to keep you aware of how your driving habits 
    have changed over time, whether in a positive or negative 

      direction. To see the different BI Safety notifications available,

      click here.

  • “Way to Go!”: you will be sent “Congratulations”
    notes when your statistics improve

  • Training tips: you will be sent personalized driving tips
    based on their performance to help you continue to grow

    and improve.

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