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Enabling managers to send messages to Drive App Users-

A new communication channel between managers and their drivers

This feature provides a powerful communication channel between managers and their drivers.  Using this functionality, managers can send automated notifications, such as reminders or crucial information, to enhance team collaboration, efficiency, and, most importantly, safety. 


This feature is currently enabled with a default message that reminds drivers to set their Duty Mode to ‘On Duty’ during work hours.  

In addition, extra messages can be customized for you to align the system with your unique requirements and use cases. In the future, you will be able to add new messages independently via Central - but until then please contact your Account Manager or open a support case listing the  messages you would like to add, and we will add them to your account. Please note: messages that we add for you will not be shared with other customers. 


Setting up the feature


To activate this feature, please contact your Account Manager.  


Once it is activated, follow the steps below to start sending messages to your drivers:   

    1.  Login to GreenRoad Central™  

    2.  Go to the Safety tab and select the Drivers view 

    3.  Select the specific drivers to whom you wish to send a push message 

    4.  Click on the “Send message” icon       in the menu 

    5.  Select the relevant message from the dropdown list (“Set To On Duty” is currently the only message available): 

    6.  A confirmation message will appear, confirming that the message was successfully sent/delivered.  





Note: while this confirms that the message was sent successfully, it does not confirm that the driver received/viewed it.      


What happens on the driver’s end? 


If the App is running in the foreground, the driver will receive a pop-up message with a call-to-action to change his/her current Duty Mode:  












By clicking the “Take me there” option, the driver will be redirected to the Duty Mode menu, where s/he can set the Duty Mode to On Duty .  
By clicking the “Later” option, the driver will be taken back to the previous tab.  
This notification will also appear in the Notifications Center tab.   


If the App is closed / running in the background, a push notification message will be sent to the driver. By clicking the notification, the driver will be redirected to the Duty Mode menu, where s/he can set the Duty Mode to On Duty. 





Note: To prevent distraction, this message will not be sent to the driver while a trip is underway and the App is in the foreground. Instead, the next time the user logs into the App, the message will be displayed in the Notifications Center tab along with the timestamp indicating when the manager sent the message.  


If you’d like to activate this feature, or explore the incorporation of other new messages, please contact your GreenRoad Account Manager. 



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