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Safety Tab





The Driver and Vehicle Safety List gives you at-a-glance insight into the safety of each driver or vehicle, and provides easy comparison with their peer groups (e.g. all red drivers or all yellow vehicles).


The table contains each driver’s or vehicle's safety score and level, together with a breakdown of events by event type.


You can filter the results via the options provided in the menu above the table. Data can also be sorted by clicking on the the title of the column that you'd like to sort by. The information displayed can be configured by clicking on "edit" at the top right of the screen. You can also control the number of rows displayed (from 15-50).

Drilling Down and Linking to Trips History: 

If you click on a specific vehicle or driver, you can link directly to more detailed information about them in other reports, or to his/her Trip HistoryYou can also switch to the Trip History tab using the Tab option on the upper right side of the screen.



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