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Engagement -Monitoring Safety Scores

Once you begin to see improvement in your high risk drivers and high risk events, the next goal is to improve your unit's overall Safety Score. 

We recommend that you identify your highest-score (poorest safety performance) drivers, and focus on them with incentives, encouragement and understanding. Success with them will improve the group's overall statistics and encourage a group safety ethic while continuing to reduce your accidents, fuel costs and risk.

To evaluate your overall Safety Score progress, use the Dashboard's Safety Score and Safety Score - 7 Week History widgets. If the trend is positive, you are moving in the right direction, and the solution is working. 

To further accelerate the process, focus on the sub-units with the highest scores. Identify them using the 'Org Units Safety Summary' report, which you can run online or schedule for automatic delivery every few days. It lists each organizational unit's Safety Score, number of events, total driving distances and total driving time. Sort the report by Safety Score to identify problematic units.

For these units, run the Drivers Safety Summary report to identify the specific drivers with high scores and investigate their primary issues: which categories were responsible for more events? Look for trends: are more events recorded by drivers with exceptionally high numbers of driving hours? Perhaps their long hours on the road are causing them to lose concentration on safety? 


Based on the information, you can carry out conversations and/or training sessions with specific drivers. GreenRoad's 'Weekly Driving Behavior Insights Pack' can also help you analyze the safety issues of specific drivers. You can read more about the report in the How to monitor red drivers section

If you have access to the GreenRoad DRIVE app, it is very easy to check the score per organizational unit and to drill down to the driver level using the ScoreBoard tab. Once you reach the individual driver level, you can navigate to his/her Dashboard to view scores per safety category, and then move to the Trip History to analyze the individual event.

You can also address any systemic issues - for example, driving hours - that impact all drivers.


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