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GreenRoad Drive™ - Driving Screen

As you drive, GreenRoad DRIVE™ continuously monitors your performance, displays your current safety level on the screen, and provides you with real-time feedback (visual and audio).


When your driving is safe and smooth, the app displays a green circle on your device. When the app senses a risky maneuver, it displays a yellow or red circle and gives you an immediate alert.

Responding to the alerts, you can self-correct to return to the “green.” Over time, you will learn to expect the alerts, and avoid risky behaviors before crossing into the “yellow” zone.

What you will see (normal “foreground” operations):

On the screen, you will see the current position of your vehicle on a map, along with a circle that displays your current speed. The color of the circle's outer ring shows the trip’s current (average) safety level.  The ring's color will change as you drive based on the number of events that have accumulated since the trip started.


Your position on the map is displayed as a white vehicle in the center of the screen.


Background operation: If you want, you can set the app to be used in the “background”. In Background Mode, the screen can display a different application - or be in “sleep” black-screen mode - even as GreenRoad DRIVE™ continues to operate.


Settings icon:

The Settings icon is located on the top of the screen, in the right-hand corner. This is where you go to:

·       Change sound notifications

·       Change distance units (KPH or MPH)

·       "Finish” trips manually

On the upper left-hand corner of the screen is an icon that displays your current Duty status: either On Duty or Passenger. You can click on the icon to switch your status from one to the other.

Note: If your solution uses a beacon, the trip cannot be changed to Passenger Mode.









When the system identifies a safety event, it displays a symbol identifying the type of event in the circle, and colors the circle yellow or red, depending on the severity of the event. You will hear a voice notification, and a text notification will appear at the top of the screen.  

For speeding events, the maximum speed allowed at the location will be displayed in a small circle on the right. 








You will also receive voice notifications in the following scenarios:

  • Personal risky areas – if you approach an area where you have previously recorded 4 or more safety events, the app will say, 'Approaching personal risky area.' Note: every time you drive in the area without receiving a safety event, the counter will be reduced by one. Every time you drive in the area and receive a safety event, the counter will be increased by one. 

  • Organizational unit risky areas – you will hear an alert if you approach an area that the system has identified as a Safety Hotspot for your organizational unit. Note: to learn what defines a Safety Hotspot, click on the link. The list of Safety Hotspots is updated weekly.

  • Landmark/geofence notifications – you will receive an alert if you approach, enter or exit a landmark/geofence that Management has defined. Note: the messages are defined in the Geofencing section under GreenRoad Central™’s Administration tab.

For Distracted Driving events, no icon is displayed, but a text message and voice notifications are provided.

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