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Geofencing Tab




GreenRoad enables you to provide your drivers with alerts and/or special information whenever they enter a specified area, whether for safety or operational reasons. It also enables you to track their movements into, out of or inside these areas.

Actualizing these capabilities is made possible by the designation of Geofences: that is definition of important landmarks and/or geographic areas that you want to use to trigger alerts, special information or tracking.


To get started with this functionality, click on the Geofencing Tab. You will first be presented with a map view, along with a short explanation of what landmarks are and how to set them.

Defining a new landmark:

To add a new landmark, click on the green "Add landmark" button. This is displayed in the next toolbar:







This menu refers to the definition of a single landmark.

First, define the landmark’s shape. By default, a circle is presented, but you can change it to be a polygon or a rectangle if desired. Then “stretch” the shape to define its size on the map, setting its coordinates or radius. Once the landmark is defined, name it in the text box provided.

For each landmark, you must define whether it applies only to the root organizational unit or to sub-units as well, and if it should be made visible in the map to sub-units. You can also define the color that will be used to display the landmark on the map.

If desired, you can also cluster landmarks into groups to facilitate sorting and look-up.


Using landmarks -safety events in landmarks:


Possible uses for landmarks include:


* Instructing the system to ignore safety events below a certain threshold that take place inside a specific geofence. Events that take place inside such an area will no longer be included in system analysis (e.g. Safety Score calculation, reports, and alerts), and will appear in the ‘Deleted Safety Events Log’ report under the name of the landmark with a reason code of ‘In Landmark'

Please note: 1) In-vehicle feedback will still be provided about these events, even though they are ignored for calculation and analysis purposes; and 2) Events above the thresholds entered will be taken into consideration in calculating safety scores and other statistics.


























* Setting custom speed thresholds inside landmarks (for example: setting lower speeds near hospitals or schools). The landmark speed is the only trigger for speeding events within the landmark area; that is, there will be no events based on posted speed or fleet speed. However, as opposed to other types of speeding events, landmark speeding events do not impact Safety Scores.











* Specifying unique sound notifications to be delivered to the driver when they  approach the landmark, are inside the landmark (immediately after entering), and/or are exiting the landmark (immediately before leaving). The distance for notifications from the landmark and before exiting can be set when defining the landmark.


Batch Upload:


You can upload a batch of landmarks rather than entering them individually using an external CSV or KMZ file.

















To take advantage of this option, switch to the Import Landmarks toolbar, and select either CSV or KMZ.

For CSV, you will be linked to an example file in the correct format that you can download. You will also be provided with a clear explanation of the data required. 

















The KMZ is a compressed folder containing a single KML file, similar to an XML file. An example of the file format can be found in this link. Each KML file contains s single landmark defined as a polygon, and the KMZ folder can contain only a single KML file.



The list of all existing landmarks can be found under the List toolbar. 



















Landmarks can be grouped during creation or by the creator. For each group, the number of landmarks appears in brackets, and clicking on the group name lists all of the landmarks within the group. Users can display landmarks on the map, edit them, or delete them.

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