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Understanding User Permissions

User permissions are essential for maintaining security, ensuring data integrity, and controlling user actions within our system. 

A user defined as a manager will be granted a set of default permissions; these permissions can then only be modified by users that are set as managers and are defined in the root OU. 


Permissions to the different tabs in Central:  

The first level of permissions related to which tabs in the product a user will have access to. Below is an example of the options available (options may vary depending on the products deployed). They can be checked or unchecked.  

Permissions to the different actions users can perform:  

Central Permissions - New Functionality

We are excited to introduce the latest functionality added to the permissions mechanism in Central™!  

This new functionality offers increased flexibility when configuring permissions for managers, and includes the following new capabilities: 

  1. Restricting the ability to add\remove permission to\from users.    

  2. Restricting access to the sensitive “Locations” tab.   

  3. Providing more granular level of restrictions to users, vehicles, and trip management  

Restricting the ability to add\remove permission to\from users 

Until this release, when a manager was entitled to edit users, he could also edit the user permissions which would allow the user to add any permission to himself or others.  

With this release, only managers at the root Organizational Unit (OU) level will have the ability to manage the permissions granted to other managers. Managers outside the root OU level can view their permissions but are no longer able to edit them to prevent security concerns. 


Restricting the access to the sensitive “Locations” tab   

The “Locations” tab in Central™ contains sensitive driver real-time location information. Therefore, we have introduced a new permission specifically for this tab allowing managers to restrict access to it as needed. 

By default, the access for this tab is allowed but you can now easily remove this access which will limit users from viewing live locations in central as well as the mobile app.  

Providing more granular level of restrictions 

So far, all our permissions offered the choice between Full Control or Read Only access.  

In this release we've introduced a new access level (“Partial”) for specific permissions:  

  • Users 

  • Vehicles 

  • Trip management 

Below is a detailed explanation of the various access levels for each of the above:


Note: in central UI, you can use the tool tip next to each Partial permission, to better understand which actions are limited in this level. 

Is there any effect on existing users?


No permission will be removed from any existing user automatically.  

The only immediate impact is that managers not part of the root OU will no longer be able to grant permissions to themselves or others. 


What are the default permissions for new users?


Every new user defined as manager will be granted by default: 

  1. The partial permissions for the 3 supported areas. 

  2. Access to the location tab  

To change these, you would need to be a root OU user.    

Screenshot 2024-04-12 201428.png
Screenshot 2024-04-12 202042.png


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