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Dallas Key

A Dallas Key is a small key fob that your drivers use to identify themselves to the system when they enter a company vehicle. The key has the driver’s personal ID code embedded within it, and communicates the ID to the system automatically when the driver “keys in” to the keypad.


Once the driver keys in, the system knows whose record to credit with the trip’s safety performance.

Association Rules:

•Drivers can key-in at any time during the first 10 minutes* of the trip.

-If a driver doesn’t key-in, the trip can’t be attributed correctly.

-If a driver keys-in after 10 minutes* have elapsed, the trip will be split and only the portion after the key-in will be attributed to him/her. 

•If a second driver keys-in after the trip has already started:

-The trip record from its beginning until the second key-in will be credited to the first driver.

-A new trip beginning at the time of the second key-in will be credited to the second driver.

* Note: As a manager, you can configure the number of minutes for this “grace” period in GreenRoad Central™

Advanced Association options:

Note: only one of these options can be activated at a time. By default, both options are disabled 

Auto association between trips: When this option is activated, the driver associated with the last trip is automatically associated with the next one, as long as no other driver has keyed-in first.

Throttling Timer: When this option is activated, you are able to define an amount of time (default: 10 seconds) that must elapse between two separate key-ins in order to initiate a separate trip. This helps avoid disassociating a driver due to an accidental second key tap.

List of Dallas keys assignments:

The list of all Dallas Key assignments can be viewed in GreenRoad Central™ under Administration in the Keys section 
Traffic Long Exposure


You can use Dallas keys to help secure vehicles with ignition Start Buttons against theft, terrorist activity and other unauthorized operation.  See Start Inhibit link  


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