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GreenRoad Drive™ - Introduction

GreenRoad DRIVE™ is a safety app that you download to your mobile phone or tablet to help you drive as safely and efficiently as possible. It gives you real-time feedback about your driving skills, and makes it easy for you to track your safety progress over time.

Coaching and alerting about unsafe events: GreenRoad DRIVE™ continuously monitors your driving and provides you with real-time feedback and coaching (voice and visual) about any risky maneuvers you perform. It can also send you warnings about hazardous conditions on the road, and instructions related to your activities at specific locations. When particularly risky behavior is identified, it also sends alerts to management.

Detailed data about your trips is sent to GreenRoad’s cloud-based database over the cellular network. From there, it can be reviewed using the GreenRoad Central™ web portal.


Portal: GreenRoad DRIVE™ can also be used as a hub, similar to the GreenRoad Central™ web portal.

Managers can use the portal to gain big-picture insights into the fleet’s current safety status, and to receive alerts about particular issues.

Drivers can use the portal to track their safety status, trips and progress. Based on their current Safety Score and the details of their performance, the portal provides them with insight into their driving styles and suggests actions they can take to become even safer and more efficient.


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