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Engagment -Identifying A Point Of Contact / Champion

As part of your onboarding process, GreenRoad will ask you to provide a point of contact (POC) / Champion for all GreenRoad updates and communications. This should be a person who is respected by other drivers / team members as well as by management.


The characteristics and duties of the Champion should include:

  • Willingness to "champion" and explain the GreenRoad philosophy

  • Answer driver / team member questions on a day-to-day basis

  • Understand the system's functionality

  • Demonstrate the system to other drivers and team members

  • Help colleagues understand their results 

  • Coach improvement

  • Provide key management with information and take responsibility for keeping the administration of the GreenRoad system up to date


Other key roles:

In addition to the POC / Champion, we advise that you designate a Project Sponsor, a member of your upper management team who takes responsibility for the success of the program.

It’s essential that local managers support the POC / Champion in his/her efforts to introduce the GreenRoad system. They are key stakeholders and can heavily influence the success of your GreenRoad implementation and progress.



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