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Beacons are small hardware devices that broadcast information for up to 150 meters using Bluetooth signals. GreenRoad offers customers the option to load vehicle IDs into the beacons and to install them in their vehicles. Then, when a driver enters the vehicle, his/her mobile phone automatically receives the beacon signal, and automatically associates the driver and the vehicle for this trip. This means that all data related to the trip – safety events, fuel efficiency, route, etc. – will be reflected in both the driver’s record and the vehicle log.

GreenRoad works with 2 types of beacons:

  • GreenRoad IBeacon™ - a standalone hardware device powered by batteries. Since this device is not connected physically to the vehicle, it can be placed anywhere desired (e.g. on the dashboard or in a glove box).

  • Beacons embedded inside GreenRoad Connect™ OBD devices - besides recording vehicle health information, GreenRoad Connect™ contains an internal beacon that continually transmits its ID via Bluetooth, providing the same functionality as the standalone GreenRoad IBeacon™.

Extended functionality of the App’s driver association  

This extended functionality is aimed to support drivers that sometimes use their own vehicle (which does not have a Beacon device in it) as well as a company vehicle with a Beacon. If this is not the use case for your company, the functionality you have is not changed.


To ensure that drivers are identified correctly, drivers set as Beacon users can now drive  in vehicles with or without a beacon installed in the vehicle, and still be identified correctly. 

Note: The extended functionality requires assigning a default vehicle to each Mobile Beacon driver (which is not a mandatory definition). Then, when the system does not detect a Mobile Beacon at the beginning of a trip, it will still record the trip and associate it automatically with the default vehicle assigned. 


How to assign a default vehicle in Central? 

Assigning a default vehicle to can be  done either from the Users view or the Vehicles view under the Admin tab Fleet setup view. 

Pre-conditions for assigning a default vehicle to a driver: 

  1. The driver is defined in Central as an active driver  

  2. The vehicle that will be assigned as the default is defined as an active vehicle within Central 


Assigning a default vehicle from the Users view 

  1. Choose an active driver and click the Edit user option 

  2. Scroll down to the section “This user is a driver” and choose the relevant vehicle from the dropdown list: 





Assigning a default vehicle from the Vehicles view 

  1. Choose an active vehicle and click the Edit Vehicle option 

  1. Scroll down to the field “Assigned Driver” and choose the relevant driver from the dropdown list:   












The following table explains how the system’s Driver Association now works in different scenarios: 






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