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GreenRoad Connect™ is a CALAMP hardware device installed within vehicles to collect vehicle health data from the vehicle’s CANbus (e.g. fuel levels, fuel efficiency - MPG, oil pressure, oil temperature, etc.) and report it to the GreenRoad Central™ web portal.

It is important to monitor this information to enable optimal vehicle maintenance and to manage fleet costs.

Green LED: displays the GPS status 

GPS Off = Off

GPS On = Slow Blinking

GPS Time Sync = Fast Blinking

GPS Fix = Solid

Orange LED: displays the communication status 

Modem Off = LED Off

Comm On – Searching = Slow Blinking

Network Available = Fast Blinking

Registered but no Ack from IOP = 4 Fast Blinks with a Pause

ALL OK = Solid

Red LED: displays the Ignition

Flashing Red = Ignition on

LED Off = Ignition off


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