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Vehicle Health Tab

This is where you go to check the current status of your vehicles' mechanics.  The data supports a proactive, preventive approach to vehicle maintenance, helping you avoid unexpected or emergency situations.  

The top section displays the latest values recorded from the vehicle's indicators.


The default display* includes:

  • Fuel level

  • Oil temperature

  • Oil pressure

  • Air pressure of the braking system

  • Coolant temperature

  • Coolant level

  • Battery voltage

  • RPM

  • Vehicle total mileage 

  • Vehicle odometer reading

  • Engine hours

* Display varies slightly between LDVs and HDVs

Note: The exact parameters tracked vary from installation to installation, depending upon the vehicles' manufacturers, models and the countries in which they are operated. 

Each indicator is shaded green or red based on the severity of the value. You can define the threshold for each parameter in the Policy section of the Administration tab.

The second section displays current faults and fault history. Current faults are triggered when the last reading of the device was above the threshold setting. When the fault is resolved, it moves to the History section.

The third section is the History section. It provides a deep, detailed understanding of each vehicle's maintenance issues and critical malfunctions.

The list of faults monitored includes:

  • Engine overheat

  • Low battery

  • Water leak

  • Oil overheat

  • Oil leak

  • Air pressure

  • Low fuel level

  • Low oil pressure

  • RPM



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