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Engagment -Getting Started

We recommend communicating with drivers / team members and staff openly and often about the benefits of using GreenRoad - for them personally as drivers and for the organization as a whole - both prior to launch and on an ongoing basis.

The following approach has proven effective in promoting driver buy-in:


Introducing GreenRoad with "Tease" and "Reveal" posters:

Create posters that are enthusiastic about GreenRoad and hang them in areas where the drivers will see them daily. The goal is to draw attention to the new system-to-come and to build interest before officially announcing your GreenRoad partnership.

You can download sample posters here: link

Email/depot announcement:

Send a letter of presentation to your staff and team members to inform them about the new safety program that you are about to implement. You can use our template letter and/or presentation. Let them know why this new system is important (" will help us improve safety, emissions and fuel efficiency...") and how it will benefit them personally (protects them from accidents, rewards them for safe driving, protects them against false claims).

Kickoff meeting(s):

Keep team members posted regarding your GreenRoad onboarding progress and timeline. Address driver / team member concerns with understanding.

Open forums:

After the launch, hold regular meetings to discuss how driver / team member safety and fuel efficiency are improving and ask for driver / team member feedback on the program.



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