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Engagment -Setting Goals

Once you have established baseline measurements of driver safety, it’s a good idea to set concrete improvement goals that your drivers / team members can aim for, and that you can use to gauge your progress.

We recommend a four-stage plan:

  • Initially, focus on measuring driver adoption, as this is a good indication of the level of driver / team member buy-in to the system. 

Goal: 95% system adoption and usage

Timeline: 2 months from launch

To learn how to monitor adoption, please see this link

  • The next priority is to reduce "immediate risk" by measuring and encouraging the driving behaviors that relate to safety: speeding, braking, cornering, accelerating and fuel efficiency. We don’t expect drivers / team members to achieve green status immediately, so it’s important to structure and incentivize goals intelligently.

Goal: Zero red events and zero red drivers / team members and zero alerts

Timeline: 6 months from launch

View how to monitor drivers performance - use the link

  • The third priority is to reduce wear and tear and fuel wastage

Goal: Team safety score is green on average

Timeline: 12 months from launch

View how to monitor safety score - use the link

  • The final goal is to optimize the efficiency of each of these categories and maintain the good results. 

Goal: Reduce the green score threshold (the Policy is set under Administration tab in GreenRoad Central) and make sure overall organization's safety rating is still green.




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