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Engagement -Providing Drivers Access to Their Data

Team Members:

Experience confirms that drivers who check their results often have the most success. To encourage drivers (and managers) to review their results often, we recommend the following approach:

GreenRoad Central Mobile App:

Encourage your drivers to check their status, position and progress often. If your fleet uses the GreenRoad DRIVE™ app, your drivers can check their progress on the app itself. If your solution is GreenRoad Edge™, drivers can check their progress via the GreenRoad Central™ console, or use the GreenRoad DRIVE™ for Edge Users application.


GreenRoad Training:

The Champion should ensure that all drivers / team members understand how to check their past results and trends.

Paper Results:

Some of our customers have had success printing drivers' / team members’ weekly results and attaching them to their wage packets - a place they are sure to look!


Notice Board:

Bulletin boards are good places to communicate driver / team member achievements and overall safety progress. if you have screens in the depot's public areas, you can display encouraging messages and safety status updates.


Team Briefings:

Safety should be a topic that is at the heart of every team briefing. Integrate GreenRoad results as an agenda item and discuss these with your team.



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