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GreenRoad Connect™ 
HDV Installtion

GreenRoad Connect™ is a device that provides information about the health of your vehicle. For a detailed explanation of its functionality and specifications, please see GreenRoad Connect™ in the Tutorial section of the Help Center. 

There is a significant difference between GreenRoad Connect™ for HDVs (heavy duty vehicles) and LDVs (light duty vehicles), both in the products themselves and in their installation processes. 


Installation process: 

Full installation instructions are provided by GreenRoad within the applicable GRID (GreenRoad Installation Document) and must only be carried out only by a professional installer.


Note - The installation must be carried out with the engine switched off.


The antenna is mounted securely within the vehicle dashboard

Electrical connections are then made between the Connect™ device and the vehicle OBDII connector-

  • Can High

  • Can Low

  • Battery Negative

  • Battery Positive

  • Ignition Positive













All Connect™ Power Connections are fitted with  5Amp inline fuses and secured by cable ties to the existing electrical loom

​Once the installation is completed and BEFORE reinstalling any dashboard panels, the system must be tested as far as is reasonably practical 


Once the operational functionality has been confirmed (3 solid LED’s), any dashboard panels are then refitted and secured


If applicable, full installation and testing training is provided by GreenRoad



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