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Trip Histories





Trip Histories provide a detailed analysis of the trips carried out during the past month by a specific driver or vehicle. This helps you understand driving trends and identify any specific risky maneuvers.

trips history.JPG

Each square represents a single trip, with the color indicating its safety score. If the top half of the square is black, it was a night ride.

The table below lists all the safety events that occurred during the selected ride, including their time, speed and exact location. It will also indicate whether the location is part of a landmark. For fleets with GreenRoad VideoSense Pro™, each event will contain a link to video clip showing the situation before, during and after the event from all channels.

You can filter the table in order to display trips that match certain criteria.


Managers with designated permissions are able to delete individual safety events.  These deletions, along with their reason codes, are logged in the 'Deleted Safety Events Log' report available on GreenRoad Central™.

Managers with designated permissions are also able to request the removal of speeding events. To do so, click on the 'submit a correction' link in the Details column.


This opens the following window:






When you select the area (points A to B) where the speed limit will be changed, a ticket to the support team opens requesting removal of the event from the trip histories.


By default, the data displays as a table. It is also available as a map. 

In Map View, the trip start point is marked from its beginning point A to end point  B. Each event is marked on the map with a matching icon. The color of the icon indicates the severity of the event (yellow or red). Note: Since the map is provided by Google Maps, all its functionality, including street/Satellite view and Zoom In/Out, are available.

map view.JPG
submit correction.JPG


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