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Debugging unassociated trips for mobile and beacon solutions

Fleets that use GreenRoad DRIVE with "pool" vehicles, meaning that more than one driver uses each vehicle, can use beacons to create an automatic "pairing" between a specific vehicle and driver. If the connection is not completed satisfactorily, the trip will appear in the fleet's Trips History as an "unassociated" trip, with the vehicle displayed as moving under Live Fleet with no driver data. It will not display in any driver's Trip History.

There are several reasons why a trip would not be associated with its driver:

1. The trip preconditions were not met.

To check the device's compliance with requirements, open the 'Mobile configuration report' under the Reports tab.

The report will show you the most updated readings of each application's definitions and permissions, The relevant columns include:

Please check that: 1) Duty Status is not set to 'Off Duty'; 2) GPS, notifications, and activity motion permissions are granted and always on; and 3) battery levels are above 11%. If any of these parameters is not set correctly, that is the reason why the trip was not associated properly. Please adjust the application settings so that your trips will "associate" correctly in the future. 

2. Beacon is not working: 

- If the beacon is a standalone IBeacon device, the issue can be that the battery charge is too low, causing its signal to malfunction. Please check if you are able to connect to different beacon and open a case to support. 

- If the beacon is part of the Connect OBD device, it might be missing the association due to a "late wakeup". To check, go to the Trips tab and check if the OBD lists the trip. If not, this was the issue and a case should be opened with Support. When you do, please check the LED status of the OBD device and enter it into the case description. 

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