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GreenRoad Drive™ - Trip History

GreenRoad DRIVE™'s Trip History is where you go to review data about your past trips. When you click on the       icon in the navigation bar, the screen displays your trips from the last 7 days in reverse chronological order. You can review data about trips for the last 3 months.


Each trip displays a short summary, including Start and End Time, Distance, Vehicle ID and overall Safety Level (Green, Yellow or Red).



To filter the trips, click on the 'All Trips' arrow on the upper left edge of the screen, just under the date range. You can filter the trips according to mode (Business - On Duty Mode, Personal or Passenger trips).


Tapping on any trip displays its details, including a list of all safety events that occurred during the course of the trip, along with the exact times when they occurred and their locations displayed on a map. The map also displays the trip’s start and end points, marked with a flag. A click on the Driving Tips option provides guidance regarding the major safety issue associated with the trip.



Tapping on a specific Event displays additional details, including the address where it occurred, its location on a map, the duration of the event and the maximum speed reached during the event.


In addition, for users with special permissions (default: Managers only), a 'Something Wrong?' option is displayed below the map for use. Managers can use this button  when they believe the record contains a mistake to open a new case for the Support team. For a full explanation, please refer to the Open a Case section under Troubleshooting. 







If you have received a speeding event due to a mistake in the speed limit registered in the system, click on the 'Speed correction' arrow on the bottom left below the event record. This displays a Correction Form that you can use to submit details about the specific area and the correct speed between specific points. When the request is approved by the Support Team, the mistaken speeding event will be removed, your Safety Score will be corrected,  and the correct speed limit for that area will be entered into the system.














Another tap on the event displays a map of entire trip and the location of all its safety and distracted driving events.





















You can also move to the Trips Management tab directly from the Trip History tab to manage trip types, changing specific trips from Business to Passenger or vice versa. 

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