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GreenRoad Connect™ 
LDV Installation

GreenRoad Connect™ is a device that provides information about the health of your vehicle.  For a detailed explanation of it's functionality and specifications, please see Connect in tutorial section . 

There is a significant difference between GreenRoad Connect™  for HDVs (heavy duty vehicles) and LDV( light duty vehicles) both in the products themselves and in their installation processes.


For light duty vehicles, GreenRoad Connect™ is an OBD device designed for self-install. 

Its self-installation kit includes OBD Connect device itself and Y-cable (optional).



The Y-cable is used when the GreenRoad Connect™ device is intended to remain permanently installed in the vehicle.


This results in a more secure and tamper-proof installation as compared with plug-in method.  By using the Y-cable, the Connect device is secured behind the vehicle dashboard, making it difficult for a driver or 'Unauthorised person to reach.

Installation Process:

  1. Make sure the vehicle is located in an area with good cellular reception and turn the vehicle off

  2. Find the vehicle's OBD engine diagnostic port.  Typically, it is located beneath or next to the steering wheel

  3. Unscrew the OBD port's securing bolts and free the port connector

  4. Re-connect the new OBD port in Y-cable (part 1 in the picture) instead of the original 

  5. Insert the male Y-cable connector (part 2 in the picture) into the vehicle's OBD port

  6. Insert the Connect unit into the female Y-cable connector (part 3 in the picture) 

  7. Make sure the Connect unit is mounted high in the dashboard, away from the metal structure

  8. Turn the vehicle engine on and observe the device's three LEDs

  9. Wait 3 minutes. If all three LEDs are lit, take a picture of the installation, including the LEDs. (To understand the meaning of each light, click on this LINK

  10. Reinstall the dash panel


Note: If the unit and/or cables are not secured correctly, they may become loose and fall down, in some cases interfering with the foot pedals.



















If the GreenRoad Connect™ is installed directly to the vehicle OBD port without Y-cable, please use the same process but omit steps 5-7.

GreenRoad Connect™ commissioning:

Once the GreenRoad Connect™ device is installed, it must be electronically commissioned in order to operate correctly.  This process is done using the GreenRoad Installer Application using the devices ESN number. 


If applicable, full training on this process is delivered during the installation training

connect installation.JPG
connect installation2.JPG


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