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GreenRoad Drive™ - Trip Managment

Trip Management is where you go to make retroactive changes to the Mode (On Duty/Business, Passenger) of trips that have already been completed and to file trip expense reports.


To reach the Trip Management screen, click on the clipboard icon on the top right-hand corner of the Trip History page. This will give you 2 options: editing your trips’ duty statuses, or 2) requesting expense reports for completed trips.


















Trip Management displays all trips performed during the current month, including start and end times, distances traveled and vehicles used. To view a different month, use the left and right arrows next to the date line.


By default, the page displays only Business (On-Duty) Mode trips. To view Passenger Mode trips, click on the Mode button on the lower right hand corner, and then on Passenger Mode.





To retroactively change the mode of a trip (from Business to Passenger or vice versa), select the trip, click on the Mode option on the lower right-hand corner of the screen, and then click on the correct mode.

On the Trip Management screen, you can also indicate which trips' expenses should be reimbursed. To generate the report, select the Trip Management screen’s Requesting Expense Report option,  indicate the relevant trips and click on the Email option on the bottom left corner of the screen. The report is produced in PDF format and sent directly to the email address on record for you. Notes: you can set your email address using the Settings tab. Refunds can only be requested once for each trip.


The report is produced in PDF format and sent directly to the user’s email address.



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