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GreenRoad Drive™ - Live Map

The GreenRoad DRIVE™ Live Map shows you where your drivers and vehicles are located in near-real-time. This capability is also known as “Track and Trace”.


The number inside each blue circle indicates the number of vehicles located in that specific area. Zooming in reveals more  details within that area, with big clusters breaking apart into smaller clusters and eventually showing the details of individual vehicles.


You can filter the data according to specific driver or vehicle ID or according to a vehicle status (parked, GPS unavailable and moving).





You can shift the section of the map displayed, or zoom in and out within the map.

Map Vehicle Icons:

The color of each vehicle image indicates its status.

Note: Click the information symbol “i“ to see a full list of categories and their meanings. 


















You can filter the categories displayed using the Live Map Display filter on the top right-hand corner of the screen or by using the upper menu. Under each category, you can search for a specific driver or vehicle using the search bar.








The gray icons indicate vehicles for which location updates have not been received during the last 10 minutes.

For more filtering options, click on the Filters icon on the top right corner of the screen. Options aviailable through the Filtering menu include:

  • ​Sub-Units – click this box to enable the addition of sub-unit data to the map. Note: by default, this option is disabled  

  • Vehicle Mode – click this box to enable filtering the Live Map by vehicle

  • Search bars – use these boxes to filter the map by driver, vehicle or landmark 























When you click on a specific vehicle or driver on the map, additional information is displayed, including the vehicle ID, its driver’s name, the organizational unit it belongs to, its speed (if moving) and/or its parking time (if parked). Another click on the page takes you to the driver's Dashboard.

Right menu options:

Recenter - centers the map display around your current location (if GPS is available) 

Information - legend explaining the meaning of the colors of the vehicle or driver state

Google satellite data - adds the map’s satellite layer to the display

Refresh button - press this to manually refresh the screen’s data.
Note: the default refresh rate is once per minute. The time remaining until the next refresh is displayed on the button.

live map display.JPG


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