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Height Restriction Alerts

The GreenRoad Height Restriction Alerts system gives drivers an automatic warning when their vehicle gets too close to bridges, overpasses or overhead objects that are too low for safe passage, enabling preventative action in time to save life and limb.

The system works by continually comparing the height of the vehicle to the height of the hazards on the route ahead, as listed in the company's master file of height hazards. To assure that the system works in areas with no Internet connectivity, the list is stored within the GreenRoad Edge™ device on the vehicle itself, and the required calculations are carried out internally. When a tall vehicle headed for the hazard moves beyond a defined access point, the system alerts the driver immediately, in time to change course and avoid a collision.


Alerts are provided in two ways:

Audibly – a programable speaker plays a pre-recorded message (e.g. “Warning! Low bridge ahead!”)

Visually – the system displays a unique "Bridge Strike" pattern of LEDs on the GreenRoad Edge™ device (red-yellow-amber light panel) installed on the vehicle dashboard.


  • This solution is available only for drivers who use the GreenRoad Edge™, and cannot be implemented for the GreenRoad DRIVE™ app. Deployment requires the installation of a dedicated Gri speaker on each vehicle. 

  • The full master list of height restrictions and access points can be viewed in the GreenRoad Central™ web portal under the Geofencing/Low Bridge tab. 


  • Managers with relevant permissions can add, edit or delete height restrictions and their access points.



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