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GreenRoad Edge™ is the hardware that “powers” your fleet’s safety telematics system.










Installed inconspicuously in your vehicles, GreenRoad Edge™ continuously monitors how your drivers are operating, and provides them with real-time LED feedback to help them achieve a safe, smooth driving style. The device also reports any driving errors to the GreenRoad Central™ web portal, making sure that its KPIs, alerts and reports are up to date.


All of GreenRoad Edge™’s real-time analysis is carried out inside the unit, with no connection required to the vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port, CANbus or Internet. As a result, its use does not expose the vehicle – or, by extension, the company – to security risks.

Driver Feedback:


GreenRoad Edge™ provides feedback to drivers in real-time via an LED green-yellow-red panel installed on the vehicle’s dashboard.












To keep the alerts discrete, the feedback is visual only, with no voice notification



Whenever the system identifies a risky maneuver, it records:

  • The GPS location where it occurred

  • The vehicle’s speed when the event began and when it ended

  • The event’s elapsed timeframe


This detailed data is sent to GreenRoad’s cloud-based database over the cellular network, and can then be viewed in the GreenRoad Central™ web portal.



Note: Safety events are automatically associated with the vehicles in which the devices are installed. If a vehicle is driven by more than one driver, you can use GreenRoad’s RFID or Dallas Key Driver Association solutions to attribute safety events to the right driver.  

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